Share your story! Send photos and/or other pieces of your own creative works (paintings, poetry, etc.) telling us:

Why are you proud of your body?

Is it your strong legs that allow you to run a half-marathon? Is it playing with your kids as a loving mom? Is it your sparkling eyes, soft hair, or muscular arms that just make you feel good about yourself when you wake up?

How do you celebrate your unique body and mind?

Together, we can promote awareness and prevent disordered eating through education, support, and body acceptance.

Freedom is..

To share your story or writings: 

Please submit your  writing using the form below, or attach a Word document to an email with the subject line: “Submission: NAME” to

To submit artwork, photos, etc.:

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign about why YOU are proud. Please attach the picture to an email with the subject line: “Submission: NAME” to


Some other ideas…..

Make a painting about body love. Write a haiku about social media’s influence on eating disorders. Record a short film about ED recovery.

Whatever it is, either submit it to Fuel for Freedom’s Tumblr, share through Twitter (@fuelforfreedom), or email it to Don’t forget to hashtag #fuelforfreedom!

Thank you!

*Please no profanity, sexuality, violence, or other graphic images/depictions. Thanks for your participation!



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