NEDA SUBMISSIONS: Why are you proud of your body?

The Valentine’s Day hearts are put away, the chocolate’s all eaten, and Walmart’s aisles are filled with the luck ‘o the Irish and shamrocks. It’s the end of February, and that can only mean…

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week!


From February 21-27, NEDA will host a week were people can learn about eating disorders, find resources for help, and work to combat the stigma surrounding these illnesses. Last year, the theme was “I Had No Idea.”

This year’s theme is “3 Minutes Can Save a Life.” 3 minutes is all you need to take their online screening test or forward it to someone who you think might be struggling with disordered thoughts.

3 minutes.


That’s less time than it takes to get your laptop to boot up in the morning. Less time than you spend waiting in a line at the drive-through window. Heck, it’s even less time than it takes to go to the bathroom.

3 minutes can prevent a life-threatening illness.

And *shameless personal plug here* 3 minutes is all you need to participate during NEDA week here on Fuel for Freedom.

Last year, I asked readers to submit artwork about why they were proud of their bodies. The amount of support and positivity was so uplifting.

This year, I’m asking once again: “Why are you proud of your body?”


Eating disorders aren’t just about body, or food, or any one element. BUT they do distort our body images. We don’t see ourselves as worthy individuals. We don’t see ourselves as God’s creations. We don’t respect the parts of ourselves we think make us lesser of human beings.

So, let’s share!

It can be as simple as a marker-drawn poster. It can be a Tweet, a text, a haiku. A photograph, a graphic design project. Be creative. Use whatever way you express yourself best.

Again, here’s the link with further information and to submit. Or click on the “Submissions” tab on the upper menu. Or email


3 minutes.

That’s all it can take to save a life, to form a positive community for recovery, to just feel a little bit more confident about yourself. That’s my thoughts. Now’s the time to share yours.


5 thoughts on “NEDA SUBMISSIONS: Why are you proud of your body?

  1. I really like the whole “3 minutes” idea. Since dieting is so common in our culture, it was a major turning point for me just realize that what I was dealing with was anorexia–that it wasn’t normal, and it certainly wasn’t healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I ADORE ME AND MY BODY! ADORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Without my legs I couldn’t stand at my desk currently, or elliptical my way through a 1/2 marathon every morning. Without my arms I could not be writing this comment of put salmon up to my mouth. Without my sight I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty that is around me (I choose to see the beauty – not the ugly). Without my health… I would have nothing!

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