The Non-New Year Resolutions

This year, I’m not going to lose “the last 5 pounds.”

This year, I’m not going to out-exercise half a cookie I ate last night.

This year, I’m not going to compare myself to that woman on a magazine, that guy on Instagram, or even my sister. I’m not going to waste energy focusing on other people, when I should be focusing on becoming a more refined and happier version of me.



This year, I’m not going to step on the scale every morning. Weight does not define me.

This year, I’m not going to eat an apple and see it as roughly 100 calories. An apple is food. Food is energy. Energy is life.

This year, I’m not going to cancel dinner plans because I researched the menu online for hours and couldn’t find anything that would fit my macros. Enjoying friends and family is way more important than calculating protein, carbs, and fats.


This year, I’m not going to stress so much if I skip a gym day. Or two, or a week, or a month. The gym will always be there. Life won’t.

This year, I’m not going to stand by and watch–mouth watering–while my friend eats a slice of cheesecake and I say I don’t want any because I’m too full or I had dessert yesterday or whatever other excuse I make up.

This year, I’m going to live life.

I’m not going to let food, exercise, or comparison steal my happiness.

I’m going to learn to be myself, and take this new year for all its worth.


Your turn! Thinking Out Loud:

-What are your “non”-new year resolutions?

-What’s one non-body/exercise/physical appearance goal you want to work on? For me, it’s writing for fun more and working on a creative novel manuscript. I’d also like to become more comfortable with unexpected changes in routine or unplanned outings.

-What’s something you accomplished this past year?


6 thoughts on “The Non-New Year Resolutions

  1. While I’ve never struggled with an eating disorder, I’ve definitely had period when my eating and thoughts toward food and exercise were definitely not healthy, physically or mentally. This year I’m pregnant, and it’s nice to not feel the pressure to make a resolution of losing/eating better/ working out harder. Anyway, have a fabulous New Year!

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