Weekly Reads Wednesday (4.8.15)

Being a part of social media means stumbling upon a billion articles a day. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but sometimes you just come across those articles that either make you completely mad or cause you to shout “YES! EXACTLY!” at your computer.

Take a break from your busy week, read some good stuff, and let me know your thoughts!

Social Media:


What’s Your Excuse (For Perpetuating Fitspo’s Ableist Narrative)? I’m obviously not a fan of fitspiration, but I hadn’t considered this perspective before about how it assumes everyone is able-bodied. Good read if you’ve ever had an injury or just aren’t as capable of doing physical activity as others.

Overcoming an Eating Disorder with Instagram Social media isn’t always bad.

#StrongNotSkinny- The Unhelpful Hashtag Too true, and something I’ve talked about before. What do you think about the #StrongNotSkinny movement?


1,200 Calories Seriously. When did 1,200 calories become the magic number for diets? 1,200 calories is great… if you’re on asleep on bed rest.



Fitness Marketing to Females: Don’t Be A Victim! Good post about how we all (men and women) face marketing that makes us feel ashamed of our current body and tell us our worth is based on our looks.


Female Fitness Marketing: Why Performance Matters A few mixed thoughts about this one, but I like how the author addresses the topic. What do you think about how women are portrayed in the fitness industry?

Eating Disorder Recovery:


How Dating Forced Me to Address My Eating Disorder Very cool!

When People Comment On Your Food Love this.

Woman ‘Physically Sick’ After Her Anorexia Photo Used in ‘Amazing’ Weight Loss Story And, lastly, THIS. This is so infuriating to me. Eating disorders are not diets, are not choices. And should never be used to inspire weight loss.

Just Plain Awesome:

Loving these videos right now. I may have watched them at least 10 times twice….

That’s all for now!

What are some good things you’ve read this week?



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