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One Sip

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Just a swirl of ice cream, they said,

One milkshake, one sip.

But its coldness shattered my mind,

An icicle crashing to the pavement

And scattering the shards into oblivion.

Once started, there was no end of to the pain,

To wishing I could put down the cup

Or purge its toxins from my veins.

To craving it more than the breath in my lungs,

And hating it for the demon it resurrected from the depths of my body.


But now I welcome the cold,

The creaminess that makes me whole.

It no longer freezes my mind,

Preventing me from seeing anything else

But the sugar and the chaos it implies.

No, that milkshake no longer

Raises the prison bars across my heart.

One sip is one sip,

Nothing more but nothing less.

The ice tastes sweet against my tongue,

My mind knowing that one sip

Does not define my freedom.

But it might just be the start

Of recovery.


Your turn: What are some “fear foods” of yours? Have you ever let a certain food define you, making you obsess over it or making you feel out of control? 


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