The Lies of Clean Eating and Cute Old Couples: Thinking Out Loud (3.5.15)

It’s been almost week since NEDAwareness, and my blogging fingers are still sore. Thanks to everyone who participated by walking in a fundraiser, organizing an event, or even just tweeting! Reading about both heartbreaking experiences and hopeful ambitions for the future made me proud to be part of the effort to raise awareness about these illnesses.

As a little break, here’s just some thoughts for this (snowy) Thursday!


1. What if our “worst” traits are actually superpowers? I’m always criticizing myself: I didn’t do that, I did this, why can’t I do what my sister can…. On and on. Especially recovering from a disorder, we might try to hide our illnesses in order to mask evidence of our imperfections. But without our struggles, how could we ever have our accomplishments? We just got a chance to see the world differently, and gain something others might not in the process.

2. I like eating healthy food. Seriously, give me a piece of salmon and a salad any day. But I’m trying to get away from “clean eating.” After all, the definition of “clean eating” has changed over the years. If you tried to follow all the rules for what is healthy and what isn’t, you’d go crazy. Not to mention that strict adherence to a “pure” diet can lead to eating disorders. 

Best quote from this article about the dangers of clean eating: “Sure, a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch may contain mostly carbs but guess what? Carbs are a macronutrient, and we humans tend to need macronutrients to survive.”

If I want a bowl of sugary cereal, I’m becoming better at letting myself have it. Yeah, it doesn’t have the most value for my body, but sometimes the mind and soul need some food too!


3. Saw this shirt on Pinterest and, honestly, it gives me conflicted emotions. We should want to take care of our bodies through exercise, but being fit does not mean being skinny. This shirt implies that we are the only things standing in our way to not being “fat.” What about all the biological and hormonal factors? What about the fact that we aren’t fitspiration ads? Which brings me to this next awesome piece….


4. Too true. Too true. We all make assumptions about people based on their size. Realizing that doing so is not right is the struggle. But it’s something that needs to be done if we ever hope to accept all bodies as equals.

5. We idealize “ripped” and “lean” bodies, but what does it mean to have the “perfect body”? This article was a great piece about how even guys struggle with media perceptions. Very eye-opening during NEDAwareness.


6. For all the Christians in the room, Lent is a wonderful opportunity to bring ourselves closer to God. However, the emphasis on fasting and self-sacrifice is an iffy topic for someone battling an eating disorder. If you are unable to fast for physical or mental reasons, please realize that’s okay. There are so many other ways to honor your faith during this time. Make a commitment to pray more, volunteer, give up gossip… All of these are also sacrifices in the eyes of the Lord.

7. Okay, I’m obsessed with this music video. My roommate showed it to me the other day when I was stressed out. I mean, how cute are the old couples?

That’s all for this Thursday!

Oh, and by the way, you are still welcome to always submit what makes you proud of your body. It’s not just for NEDAwareness that we should celebrate what we’re proud of ourselves.

What are you thinking about today?

Any comments about this past NEDAwareness week? Any good music videos? (I’m always looking for recommendations.)


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