girl looking in mirror

The Mirror: An Original Poem

girl looking in mirror

I stare at her,

She stares at me.

“You’re not good enough,”

I sneer, with a sip of zero calorie tea.

“Why can’t you be strong like your sister?

With muscles to spare.

Why do you binge and consume food

Like it’s made out of air?”

She blinks, but remains silent.

There are no excuses, I know.

“What did you eat today?

Did you work out? No.”

Fat, I think,

As I study the trunks of her thighs,

Stomach ballooning above her waist.

My eyes tell no lies.

I stare at her,

This creature I see.

Until I turn from the mirror

When I realize…

It’s me.

-Jessica Walker

Feel free to submit your own poetry about eating disorders and body image for Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Feb. 22-28! 



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