Thinking Out Loud: Eating Disorder Edition (1.15.15)


It’s almost the end of the week. Time to wind down and get ready for the weekend. But here’s some thoughts to ponder before you speed out of work or put down the school books on Friday. It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


1. As someone who enjoys weight training, I’ve often struggled with maintaining a balance between “healthy” living and going too far. We’re constantly told that working out 24/7 and eating nothing but chicken breast and broccoli is the right way to live. Not to mention the fitspiration online that makes it seem like working out should be about leaning down (for a women) or bulking up (for a man).

However, even professional strongwomen know the importance of eating the occasional burger and taking a step back from training. Their example reminds me there’s more to life than exercise, something I need to constantly think about. I also love how in the video the ladies mention how they challenge the standard of femininity. (A possible topic to discuss on here later? Hmmmm…..)


2. Confession: I love TED talks. I could spend hours watching them. I love how this young lady used social media to combat depression and other mental illnesses.

The web doesn’t have to be bad! We can change it, using it to form communities and promote positivity. That’s something I’m hoping to do with this blog, and why I need your participation.


3. Okay, as if there’s another reason not to trust selfies. In a new app, you can fix your appearance in photos to the point of not even looking like yourself. Yet, the overwhelming presence of social media in our culture preaches that everything online is true.

I’m thinking this app could be a contributing factor to the low self-esteem that often contributes to disordered eating. But, it might be tempting to fix-up those unflattering pictures of yourself. What do you think about the app? Would you use it?


4. I mentioned trying to practice more self-love to my sister the other day, and she laughed. Yep, it sounds corny. But an important part to combating eating disorders and resisting the pressure to be “perfect” is having confidence in yourself. I like to pretend I have good self-esteem, but–as soon as something gets out-of-control in my life—I revert to criticizing myself.

Didn’t get to that appointment on time because of traffic? My fault for not leaving earlier. Screwed up dinner and no one ate it? My fault for not trying harder or cooking something else. Got a less-than-perfect grade on an essay I slaved over? You guess it. My fault.


And those thoughts have the power to make me hate my body. The result? Failing to accept myself as I am. Telling ourselves we shouldn’t love our bodies is one of the greatest obstacles to living a healthy life—mentally and physically.

I know this, but I’m lost as to how to gain more confidence. Any ideas? How do you think you can achieve self-love this year?


That’s enough ramblings for today. Take care, and don’t forget to start submitting your own “freedom is…” or personal stories in time for NEDAwareness week, Feb. 22-28th!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Eating Disorder Edition (1.15.15)

  1. Building up self-love is a tricky one, and honestly… it really does feel corny at first. I started by listing off something that I loved about myself each day. I’d even write them on Post-It notes and stick them on my bathroom walls. Either that or writing off something I accomplished that day, even if it wasn’t anything huge. Over time, it got easier to think positively about myself, and the negativity sort of started to get crowded out. That’s not to say that I never have my bad days, but it’s easier to catch myself in the negative thinking and counteract that with something positive.

    • I love that! In a similar way, instead of doing a New Year’s resolution this year, I started a jar where I write one good thing down that happened during the day. I can’t wait to look through them all in December. Post-it notes would be perfect little reminders though about what I have accomplished every day. I love when my roommate leaves little encouraging notes for me, so why not do it for myself? 🙂 I’m going to start trying it. Thank you for the idea!

  2. Hey! Found your blog on “Thinking out loud Thursday” link up. As someone who struggles to maintain a healthy mindset and relationship with food…love this! so encouraging. Keep writing!

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