New Year, New Perspective

As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31st, the new year begins. It’s a time for starting over, for new adventures. The world seems limitless.

And, sure, we stick to those resolutions for a week or so. And then life begins again. Things get too hectic, and those bright hopes we had fall away to old habits.

But take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror today. What do you see?


Chances are, first thoughts are negative. Too big thighs, jiggles around the stomach, squinty eyes, wrinkles across the neck. 

But think of all your body did during this past year. Did it run a race, master the sun salutation, lift a new PR in deadlift? Did it birth a new life, hold a loved one close, clutch the hand of a deceased family member?

Did it laugh with friends, have a good cry, learn a new instrument, sing at the top of your lungs? Did it learn a new language, travel to a new place?

Your body will change. Lose weight, gain weight, get another scar. But you can’t get rid of your body. It’s yours. So why keep hating it or trying to mold it into something it’s not? You aren’t a model in a magazine. You aren’t your friend flexing her biceps on Instagram. You aren’t that guy posing with his six-pack abs on Facebook. You are (duh)… you!


Regardless of what 2014 meant, we’ve all faced challenges and trials but we’ve also had good times, no matter how small. Each one of those triumphs is worthy of celebration.

But don’t just make it today. Every once in a while throughout the year, take a moment to pause and recognize all that you’ve done. The good and the bad.

It doesn’t have to be a resolution, just a conscious activity. By honoring what we have done, we can change the world a little at a time.

So show some body love! Today and any time you remember throughout the year. Who knows? By 2016, you might not need a reminder of how unique you are.

Fuel for Thought: Do you do New Year resolutions? Why or why not? How do you hope to show your body some love in 2015?




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