Finding Freedom

What would you do for freedom?

To be free from all the pressures, labels, and expectations we endure on a daily basis. To be free from our own thoughts, telling us how we should be or criticizing us for what we should have done. To be absolutely, unapologetically free.


Today, we are bombarded by others’ messages, especially through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We see how our friends or celebrities act, internalizing their beliefs as our own.

Food and exercise in particular have developed into cultural phenomena. While being healthy is important, this fascination floods online sites with unattainable body images and harmful dieting advice. We begin to judge our success by how much we adhere to these seemingly “perfect” icons. Others’ opinions and judgments trap us from accepting ourselves—body and soul.

Eating disorders have also become prevalent among young adults. Those suffering from these life-threatening diseases can feel influenced by cultural body images, determining their self-worth according to popular ideals. Even more, such mental illnesses often have a negative stigma attached to them. Despite social media’s ability for people to connect instantaneously, teenagers often endure eating disorders in silence for fear of rejection.

No one should feel confined or fear speaking up. The goal of Fuel For Freedom? To promote positive self-esteem and create an environment to share our struggles, knowledge, and words of encouragement regarding eating disorders.

We need to break the stigma, and perhaps change the harmful messages endorsed by social media in the process. Why should we let someone else tell us who we are?

Let’s start defining what makes us free for ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Finding Freedom

  1. It’s crazy because fad diets, crazy workouts, and being thin is all encouraged in our society, but eating disorders are stigmatized and an avoided topic. Awareness is key; more people need to realize the seriousness of eating disorders and mental illness in general

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